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I am creating a search using listview. when user enter a word in search, I am generating a listview with the results.

Now, there will be tags in each listview row. When, user clicks the tag, again a search happens using the value in the tag. There may be any number of tags for each listview row. I have to generate linkbuttons for these tags.

Could anyone please guide me on how to create dynamic linkbuttons and access those values for further search.

You can have a look at I need a similar functionality.

Thanks in advance.

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Any hints as to your programming language? Quite a few have listviews. – Dave Barker Sep 14 '09 at 5:53
Which language are you working in? I take it this is a homework assignment? I am guessing ASP.NET, but if so, will it go back to the server to be dynamically generated, or done without reloading the page? – James Black Sep 14 '09 at 5:55

the programming language is 3.5

yes, it will go back to the server with the selected tag value, and a new set of results will be populated based on that value with their respective dynamic link tags...

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