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I have a problem that i want to make an element draggable and resizable both. Even after dropping the tag it should be resizable.

Some Sample Code

function  DivMouseDown(id)
  try {
    jQuery('#'+ id).draggable({
    opacity: 0.5,
    revert: 'invalid'
  } catch (e) {
    alert ("exception in DIVmouse down: "+ e);

  try {
      drop: function(ev,ui) {
        var type = jQuery(ui.draggable).attr("tagtype");
        id = jQuery(ui.draggable).attr("id");
        if(document.getElementById(id) != null) {
          var tagStatus = document.getElementById(id).getAttribute('newtag');
          var idTemp = Math.floor(Math.random()*1000); 

          if(tagStatus == 'new')
            //Create new div at the same place and replace this tag status.
            var divId = document.getElementById(id);
            CreateWorkboardDiv('html comment', type); 
            jsmarty = WMCreateSmartyObject();
            divValue = WMSmartyFetch(jsmarty, 'edit_menu.tpl');
            document.getElementById(divId.id).innerHTML = divValue;
            //Open Edit box.
            //drag on board  div.
            var position = new Array();
            position['left'] =  document.getElementById(id).offsetParent.offsetLeft + document.getElementById(id).offsetLeft;
            position['top']   = document.getElementById(id).offsetParent.offsetTop + document.getElementById(id).offsetTop;
            position['width'] =  document.getElementById(id).offsetWidth;
            position['height'] =  document.getElementById(id).offsetHeight;
            position['zindex'] =  jQuery('#' + id).css('zIndex');
            var stickyid = document.getElementById(id).getAttribute('stickyId');  
  catch (e)
    alert ("exception in DIVmouse down: "+ e);

Can anyone tell me how I can make my element reziable after it is dropped. In the above code tag, dragging and dropping works perfectly, but what can I add to make the element resizable also in CHROME.


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What is your question? – rahul Sep 14 '09 at 6:20

Look at this question : Custom Resizable Handles in JQuery UI

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