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I need to create a boxplot with a guide legend for description of the black and gray fill. The code is in the following and I appreciate any help.

DepressionLeft<-read.table("DepressionLeft.csv",sep = ",",header = TRUE)
DepressionRight<-read.table("DepressionRight.csv",sep = ",",header = TRUE)
boxplot(DepressionLeft, at = 0:4*3 + 1, xlim = c(0, 15), 
ylim = range(0, 8), xaxt = "n",
ylab="Fold Change of Gene Expression Compared to Controls",
border=c("black", "black","black","black","black"),

boxplot(DepressionRight, at = 0:4*3 + 2, xaxt = "n", 
add = TRUE,border=c("gray50","gray50","gray50","gray50","gray50"),

axis(1, at = 0:4*3 + 1.5, labels = colnames(DepressionLeft), tick = TRUE)
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if you check the handles of your box plot you will see that each individual boxes have at least 5 to 7 handles, and the problem comes up because in the end, you have too many handles for each plot. To make a legend, just select one individual handle from each plot to make the legend for your plot.

DepressionLeftplot = boxplot(DepressionLeft);

hold on; % if you like to have all the boxes in one plot DepressionRightplot = boxplot(DepressionRight);

legend ([DepressionLeftplot(1) DepressionRightplot(1)], 'I'm depressed from left side', 'I'm depressed from right side', 'location', 'Northeast');

You may see the dashed lines in the legend box, because it takes the handles from whiskers of each box plot, so if you choose 4th or 5th handle it's gonna be fine.


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