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I am having a table named reports having (id,form_id,title)

and another table form(id,name)

in my reports.ctp i am listing all my reports title by fetching it from the table using

function reports()
    $allreports= $this->Report>find('all',
                                          'group' => array('Report.report_id')));

    foreach($allreports as & $report):
        $report['Report']['formname'] = $this->Form->find('all',

    $this->set('allreports', $allreports);

i have used foreach to find the corresponding Form name from the Forms table..

in my reports.ctp

i want both the reports title and Form name correponding for it one by one like

Report1 - Form name - Form1

Report2 - Form name - Form2

Report3 - Form name - Form1

i have tried the above using

          <div> <a href="#">
                            Reportname:    <?php echo $report['Report']['title'];?>
       <a href="#">   Form name <?php echo $report['Report']['formname'];?></a>

But i am getting as Array for like

Report1 - Form name - Array

Report2 - Form name - Array

Report3 - Form name - Array

how to do so?? please suggest me..

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Why would you want to do this? If you properly link your models you'll automatically retrieve data for associated models, so your form name would be in $report['Form']['name']. There's no need to loop through the retrieved $reports and fetch data for them manually, and there's no good reason to require another data format than the one Cake provides you by default. –  deceze Sep 14 '09 at 8:18
You probably want to do what deceze said above. Use model associations and it will help you retrieve the data you want/need. –  Travis Leleu Sep 14 '09 at 17:25
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$report['Report']['formname'] = $this->Form->find(...) will return an array. Thats why it says "Array".

If you are going to continue with the logic you are working with... try something more like....

foreach($allreports as & $report):
    $temp = $this->Form->read('name',$report['Report']['form_id']);


But yeah.. you could also go the route of using CakePHP's built in relationship features like deceze says. Would be the cleaner way of doing it for sure.

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