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I want to setup Android env. in such a way that it runs very fast. I can upgrade my RAM or even Desktop if needed. Please look what I have and what I did? As still my env. is not fully functional, did I miss some thing? Do I need to upgrade any of my hardware? Want to setup two Android env. one is for practice and other for some real development.

I am Java programmer and want to learn Android development. I have two laptops one is core-2-due with 2 gb ram with windox xp and other is cori-i7 4gb with windos7.

I downloaded the ADT bundle (Android SDK + ecliplse) from developer.android.com. On xp laptop it did not work although I installed java jdk and sent the JAVA_HOME in evn. variable but when I create first app and run it, nothing happen. I think either my laptop is very slow so it is unable to run it. But when I run the bundle on core-i7, the simulator is on but I dont see my application on it. My first concert is how should I setup the Android development env. so that it is as faster as possible like should I set it individually eclipse then sdk manually and the plug in and manually configuration or bundle is fine and does not effect on speed of computer? 2) I have HTC desire phone and google nexus tablet, should I connect it to my pc to use as testing my application, would it be faster or computer simulator is faster.

Please guide me the stepts to set up android enviroment which runs fast on low configuration and old laptop/pc.


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