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I want to minify a perl script so that I can detect practically identical perl scripts that have only differences in line comments, blank lines, etc. I there a pre-built script to do this minification? If so, I would be able to checksum and highlight the identical files on my own.

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Not exactly minifying, but you can use B::Deparse to compile a Perl script, then decompile it back to Perl.

You can diff the results.

A simple command line example follows:

david@Workstation:comp # perl -MO=Deparse 1.pl > a.pl
1.pl syntax OK
david@Workstation:comp # perl -MO=Deparse 2.pl > b.pl
2.pl syntax OK
david@Workstation:comp # diff a.pl b.pl
david@Workstation:comp # diff 1.pl 2.pl
< say "Hello";
>   say "Hello";
david@Workstation:comp # 
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Code::CutNPaste Find Duplicate Perl Code

use Code::CutNPaste;

my $cutnpaste = Code::CutNPaste->new(
    dirs         => [ 'lib', 'path/to/other/lib' ],
    renamed_vars => 1,
    renamed_subs => 1,
my $duplicates = $cutnpaste->duplicates;

foreach my $duplicate (@$duplicates) {
    my ( $left, $right ) = ( $duplicate->left, $duplicate->right );
    printf <<'END', $left->file, $left->line, $right->file, $right->line;

Possible duplicate code found
Left:  %s line %d
Right: %s line %d

    print $duplicate->report;
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Consider using the perltidy utility to 'standardize' the format across multiple scripts.

It even has an 'obfuscation' flag which is explained in the documentation:

Making a file unreadable

The goal of perltidy is to improve the readability of files, but there are two commands which have the opposite effect, --mangle and --extrude. They are actually merely aliases for combinations of other parameters. Both of these strip all possible whitespace, but leave comments and pod documents, so that they are essentially reversible. ... Note that these options do not provided any meaningful obfuscation, because perltidy can be used to reformat the files.

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Besides others' answers I would like to suggest you to read Ovid's article on how to detect duplicate code in Perl? and also More on finding duplicate code in Perl.

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