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So my problem is as follows:

I am working on the "Unmodified SoftKeyboard Demo Project" , I created another keyboard (Azerty) with Copy/Paste as the Qwerty. When I call mInputView.setKeyboard(mAzertyKeyboard); by pressing a button , the keyboard is switched, but the layout is big and badly displayed, I mean I can't see all keys just the half of the keyboard on the screen. Does switching a keyboard require another call like Draw?


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Check if the number of key in a row is the same as the qwerty keyboard. Anyway, you should show us the layout here if you want some help

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Thanks you for your Answer , but i Discontinued the SoftKeyboard Project Beacause of too many Bug and the Project Itself is outdated –  Alfa 4 Jan 12 '13 at 19:59
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