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I have a web page that will run on a multiple TV display, 6 1080p TVs aligned in two rows using those adapters that aggregate multiple displays in a single feed. That means I'm developing for a ~6000x2160 resolution which seems to be the exact opposite of the problem everyone else is having with testing on mobile devices.

The thing is that I actually need to make the browser window at that resolution to properly test my application. I want to get some base idea of how to position and size the elements of my page, so I don't need to see the whole screen at once. I'm wondering if anyone ever encountered this problem before. Before I try to dive on VMs hoping that they support such high resolution I thought to ask about this here.

I know any tests I perform on my conventional monitor will not be accurate because of DPI differences, but it's better than nothing since I can't be on the client all the time.

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Could you add a div around your layout with the specific dimensions you need forcing the browser to have horizontal and vertical scrollbars and then you can scroll to view at full resolution or zoom out (hold ctrl, press - key) to get an overview of the full layout?

Might not be perfect, but better than nothing...

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I actually manually set the document.body width and height to the resolution I wanted and it worked well. –  Hoffmann Jan 10 '13 at 11:47

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