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I am currently trying to create a shopping cart for my website and I have images of products stored in a database and I want to include them within <img src> . By putting $get_row[imagesrc] within the src. I need to know the correct way to add it to the below code as I dont fully understand the ' and . tags

    echo '<p>'.$get_row['name'].'<br/>'.$get_row['description'].'<br/>'.$get_row['imagesrc'].
'<br/>&pound;'.number_format($get_row['price'],2).'<a href="cart.php?add='.$get_row['id'].'">Add</a></p>';
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You will really get mad in generating html this way - get into some templating engine like Smarty or Twig. –  moonwave99 Jan 7 '13 at 17:15

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This should achieve what you're looking for:

echo '<p>'.$get_row['name'].'<br/>'.$get_row['description'].'<br/><img src="'.$get_row['imagesrc'].'" /><br/>&pound;'.number_format($get_row['price'],2).'<a href="cart.php?add='.$get_row['id'].'">Add</a></p>';

The ' character defines a string literal when it is wrapped around a series of characters.
The . character is used for concatenating strings for output or storage.

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echo '<p>'.$get_row['name'].'<br/>'.$get_row['description'].'<br/><img src="'.$get_row['imagesrc'].'"><br/>&pound;'.number_format($get_row['price'],2).'<a href="cart.php?add='.$get_row['id'].'">Add</a></p>';
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. concatenates two strings, and ' is wrapped around a string.


echo 'Hello '.'World'; // Shows Hello World

I'd split yours up to make it easier to read:

echo '<p>';
    echo $get_row['name'].'<br/>';
    echo $get_row['description'].'<br/>';
    echo '<img src="'.$get_row['imagesrc'].'" /><br/>';
    echo '&pound;'.number_format($get_row['price'],2);
    echo '<a href="cart.php?add='.$get_row['id'].'">Add</a>';
echo '</p>';

But it all looks OK.

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echo '<p>'.$get_row['name'].'<br/>
<img src="'.$get_row['imagesrc'].'" alt="'.$get_row['name'].'"><br/>
<a href="cart.php?add='.$get_row['id'].'">Add</a></p>';`
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echo '<img src="'.$get_row['imagesrc'].'">';

Try that.

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A specific answer has been given:

echo '<img src="'.$get_row['imagesrc'].'">';

Nonetheless, it's worth adding that you should:

  • You should escape output - with htmlspecialchars() or otherwise.

    echo '<img src="' . htmlspecialchars($get_row['imagesrc']) . '">';
  • Read the documentation on PHP Strings.

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Check out this way of including PHP in your HTML. It's much easier to read and maintain. The last line in the paragraph is your image tag.

    <?php echo $get_row['name']; ?><br/>
    <?php echo $get_row['description']; ?><br/>
    <?php echo $get_row['imagesrc']; ?><br/>
    &pound;<?php echo number_format($get_row['price'],2); ?>
    <a href="cart.php?add=<?php echo $get_row['id']; ?>">Add</a>
    <img src="<?php echo $get_row['imagesrc']; ?>" />
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