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I use VK Android SDK (com.perm.kate.api)

The last line of the code i provide below one day began returning KException.

From the documentation: If some sort of action is completed too often, then the request to API may return the error "Captcha needed". The user will need to enter a code from the image and send the request again with the entered Captcha code in the request parameters:

  • captcha_sid - captcha identifier captcha_img
  • link to the image thatshould be shown to the user so that they can enter the text from the image.

The question is where should I enter this parameters? I use the method to get user profile which doesn't contain these arguments:

public ArrayList<User> getProfiles(Collection<Long> uids, Collection<String> domains, String fields, String name_case) throws MalformedURLException, IOException, JSONException, KException

The code to get a user profile:

Api vkApi=new Api(account.access_token, Constants.API_ID);
//get user
Collection<Long>userIds=new ArrayList<Long>();
ArrayList<User> users=vkApi.getProfiles(userIds, null, null, null); //KException
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You need to set all parameters. Not null but array with empty string, and empty string. My example:

Collection<Long> u = new ArrayList<Long>();
Collection<String> d = new ArrayList<String>();

response = vkApi.getProfiles(u, d, "", "", "", "");
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