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Trying to install ZF2 on my ubuntu server using

curl -s | php && ./composer.phar create-project zendframework/skeleton-application /var/www/skeleton-app dev-master

I've also tried to add @dev in the end and I keep on getting the following error:

"could not find package zendframework/skeleton-application/var/www/skeleton-app with stability stable."

Any ideas?

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2… – Xerkus Jan 8 '13 at 7:19

Add -sdev

So it became

php composer.phar create-project -sdev --repository-url="" zendframework/skeleton-application path/to/install
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Thanks to Xerkus


Should have read more about it i guess

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This usually does not really work due to several (!) errors. Currently there's not stable version available (!!), and sometimes the folder "is not empty" (yes, because composer.phar is in there). The install tutorial of ZF2 is a huge piece of crap. I wonder that the ZF2 team dont realize... – Sliq Jun 14 '13 at 11:16

Just add --stability="dev" to your second command.

The command I used is as follows:

php /path/to/phar/composer.phar create-project --stability="dev" --repository-url="" zendframework/skeleton-application skel-app/

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