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I want to let the user change, if the route can be changed by dragging.

The option is enabled in the DirectionsRenderer

var rendererOptions = {
draggable: true
directionsDisplay = new google.maps.DirectionsRenderer(rendererOptions);

With a checkbox I let the user change the draggability.

function allowMove() {
if (directionsDisplay.draggable) {
    directionsDisplay.draggable = false;
else {
    directionsDisplay.draggable = true;

But it only changes after an action (dragging) (and that only disables it after an action)

I found an event draggable_changed but I dont know what to do in these event..

And if it would be possible to click on the route it would be great, because I am displaying the height of the clicked position, but it wont work on the route ( also with disabled dragging, but nearer than with )

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Have you tried directionsDisplay.setOptions({draggable: !directionsDisplay.draggable});?

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