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This basic mmx memory copy code corrupts memory in release mode, but only with certain compilers. Visual Studio 2010 in specific. I think it's because this code needs a memory fence, but I'm not sure where it would go or exactly why. This code worked perfectly with Visual Studio 2005.

  mov edi, dest
  mov esi, src
  mov ecx, len
  shr ecx, 6             //divide len by 64
  mov edx, ecx
  shl edx, 6
  mov eax, len
  sub eax, edx
  or  ecx, 0
  jz  lastbytes         //if < 64 bytes, copy 8 bytes at a time

copynext:             //copies 64 bytes
  movq   mm0, mmword ptr [esi]
  movq   mm1, mmword ptr [esi + 8h]
  movq   mm2, mmword ptr [esi + 10h]
  movq   mm3, mmword ptr [esi + 18h]
  movq   mm4, mmword ptr [esi + 20h]
  movq   mm5, mmword ptr [esi + 28h]
  movq   mm6, mmword ptr [esi + 30h]
  movq   mm7, mmword ptr [esi + 38h]
  movntq mmword ptr [edi], mm0
  movntq mmword ptr [edi + 8h], mm1
  movntq mmword ptr [edi + 10h], mm2
  movntq mmword ptr [edi + 18h], mm3
  movntq mmword ptr [edi + 20h], mm4
  movntq mmword ptr [edi + 28h], mm5
  movntq mmword ptr [edi + 30h], mm6
  movntq mmword ptr [edi + 38h], mm7

  add esi, 40h
  add edi, 40h
  dec ecx
  jnz copynext

lastbytes:                //copies last 8 bytes
  or eax, 0
  jz finished
  movq mm0, mmword ptr [esi]
  movntq mmword ptr [edi], mm0
  add esi, 8h
  add edi, 8h
  sub eax, 8h
  jmp lastbytes



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Can src and dest overlap? –  Rhymoid Jan 7 '13 at 18:07

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First, esi and edi are callee-saved. I think you also need sfence for memory ordering.

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A fence wouldn't be needed if src and dest don't overlap, right? –  Rhymoid Jan 7 '13 at 18:08
The problem was esi and edi were not being saved. Thanks a lot for the help. –  Drew Jan 7 '13 at 18:44

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