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"Clash of Clans" uses Game Center to authenticate and link a player with an existing remotely stored game state.

From what I can see, a game is only provided a player identifier on client side. Is there a supported technique to securely authenticate a user instead of sending just the identifier (which is an equivalent of authenticating with just a username)?

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Since you are authenticating with your own server, this is something between your client and your server to implement. Game Center won't be able to help you.

A simple idea would be to calculate a hash from the playerID using a function that only you know, and have the server compare it to what the client is sending.

Avoid generating a random key when your client runs for the first time, because when the client is re-installed, the user will be locked out.

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Indeed, that is one way to... slow someone down. A jailbroken device can easily be tricked into returning a different playerID -- which is precisely the reason why I'm asking for something more secure. And considering games like Clash of Clans contain Game Center-account-associated IAPs, there is even money at risk -- and this concern is why I asked. Sounds like server side auth check is a good candidate for a radar :-/ –  Ivan Vučica Jan 8 '13 at 0:21

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