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I have one stage and 4-5 layers with images and shapes on every layer. Every time I add an object in a layer that layer takes a greater z-index , index and comes at the top of the other layers.

.moveToTop .setZIndex or other functions don't work on layers. I tested it with the latest version 4.3.0.
How can I define the z-index of the layers and stay that way each time I add/edit an object?

Please help.

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Thank you @EliteOctagon, your answer is correct. But there is a problem with adding images. They are added after they are loaded. Images are always the last thing loaded, and they take the biggest index. – Kostas Bolontzakis Jan 8 '13 at 17:05

When you first create the layers, you have:

layer1 = new Kinetic.Layer();
layer2 = new Kinetic.Layer();

Then you add them to the stage:


This adding to stage defines your z-index initially;

To change the index you have to do layer1.remove() to remove it from the stage and then add it again to bring it to the top.

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