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I am trying to install Gnu Scientific Library (GSL) on Windows XP, but this is very difficult for me. I found this site


from which I downloaded "Complete package, except sources" and installed. But this is only 6.2MB large, which I find to be very small. Is this correct? I would be happy to get some help with this.

I don't understand why this has to be so difficult.

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I am beginner as well, but I just managed to have it work on windows 8 with codeblock 12.11.

  • installing gsl from the file you mention. Better to use a filepath without spaces (not sure if relevant here, just read this advices for installing other libraries)

  • in codeblocks, after creating your project:

  • right click on project name

  • click on build options

  • on the right part of the windows that opens, select the name of the project (root of the tree)

  • select the linker settings tab

  • click add

  • browse to the lib directory of your gsl installation and select libgsl.a

  • same for libgslcblas.a

  • select the search directories tab

  • click add and select the include directory of your gsl installation.

From this point things worked ok for me.

good luck.

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