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I know that hadoop job -list commnad lists currently running jobs, i.e. jobs whose state is 1 (Running). But does it list jobs which are failed? I mean can I get an output something like this:

1 jobs currently running
JobId   State   StartTime       UserName
job_200808111901_0001   3       1218506470390   abc
job_200808111901_0002   2       1218506470390   xyz

Note that the states of the above jobs are 3 (Failed) and 2 (Succeeded).

I am very new to Hadoop, so please pardon me if this too simple question. I tried to google, but all the examples give listed jobs with state 1 only.

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Just add all and you will get what you desire.

Execute something like: hadoop job -list all.

An example output would look something like the following:

$ hadoop job -list all
0 jobs submitted
States are:
    Running : 1 Succeded : 2    Failed : 3  Prep : 4
JobId   State   StartTime   UserName    Priority    SchedulingInfo

For more details about the hadoop commands and especialy hadoop job, read here.

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