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I installed the latest version of Oracle 11g on Centos 6.3. But for some reason I cannot connect to SQL plus. This is the content of listener.ora:

# listener.ora Network Configuration File: /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/network/admin/listener.ora
# Generated by Oracle configuration tools.

      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521))

ADR_BASE_LISTENER = /u01/app/oracle

I type this into the shell:

[oracle@localhost bin]$ ./lsnrctl start

LSNRCTL for Linux: Version - Production on 07-JAN-2013 21:37:32

Copyright (c) 1991, 2009, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Starting /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1//bin/tnslsnr: please wait...

TNSLSNR for Linux: Version - Production
System parameter file is /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/network/admin/listener.ora
Log messages written to /u01/app/oracle/diag/tnslsnr/localhost/listener/alert/log.xml

Alias                     LISTENER
Version                   TNSLSNR for Linux: Version - Production
Start Date                07-JAN-2013 21:37:32
Uptime                    0 days 0 hr. 0 min. 0 sec
Trace Level               off
Security                  ON: Local OS Authentication
SNMP                      OFF
Listener Parameter File   /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/network/admin/listener.ora
Listener Log File         /u01/app/oracle/diag/tnslsnr/localhost/listener/alert/log.xml
Listening Endpoints Summary...
The listener supports no services
The command completed successfully
[oracle@localhost bin]$ 

And then I try to start SQL plus this:

[oracle@localhost bin]$ ./sqlplus sys@oracle AS SYSDBA

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Mon Jan 7 21:38:27 2013

Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Enter password: 
ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified

Enter user-name: 

How I can solve this problem?

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Make sure $TNS_ADMIN points to the directory where your tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora are located.

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I added 'export TNS_ADMIN=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/network/admin/' but I still get the same result. –  Peter Penzov Jan 7 '13 at 19:47
Are you sure "oracle" is the service name listed in tnsnames.ora for port 1521? –  diederikh Jan 7 '13 at 20:00

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