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I am constantly running commands like

nohup psql -d db -f foo1.sql >& foo1.out &
nohup psql -d db -f foo2.sql >& foo2.out &

I was wondering how to create a shellscript that takes as input the filename parameter like foo1.sql and runs the command above.

How do I write a script called test so that the command ./test foo1.sql will execute the command

nohup psql -d db -f foo1.sql >& foo1.out &
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Try this


outputFile="$(echo $1 | cut -d\. -f 1).out"

nohup psql -d db -f "$1" >& "$outputFile" &

It's not called with ./test(foo1.sql) but ./test foo1.sql, as shown after the question was edited.

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If you don't pass the extension, you can simplify even further: """nohup psql -d db -f $1.sql >& $1.out &""" –  John Jan 7 '13 at 19:54

The syntax for calling the scripts would be:

./stest foo1.sql

there is a shell built-in called test, so don't call your script that. No parentheses required when passing parameters.

The script is very simple:

if (( $# < 1 ))
    echo "Insufficient arguments" >&2
    exit 1

nohup psql -d db -f "$1" >& "$name.out" &
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