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I'm new to LUA and I'm writing a tcp messaging library in LUA using Corona SDK. I stuck with a problem that socket reading operation hangs application UI even if it is run in coroutine.

How I start coroutine:

function Messaging:readLoop()
   self.readCoroutine = coroutine.create(function() self:blockingLoop() end)

Blocking loop:

function Messaging:blockingLoop()
   line,err,rest = self.sock:receive(BUFSIZE) -- <= Hangs UI if there is no incoming data 

Of course I know that coroutines are not equal to threads, but I expected that LUA interpreter switched to another coroutine on blocking operation (like Python threads with GIL). Is there any possibility to read from socket without blocking UI? For example with real threading or async approach? Thanks.

P.S. Eliminating BUFSIZ is not the option since I don't want to have UI blocked at all, even for 0.2..0.4 seconds (slow mobile network delay)

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Corona contains LuaSockets which will let you do asynchronous socket communication, as seen here.

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Corona has a network.request API for Asynchronous calls..

If you do not want to use that, take a look at this asynchronous http library.

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Unfortunately, it does HTTP request, but I need to work with sockets directly. –  ZAN Jan 7 '13 at 21:17
what about the second link? I didn't go through it thoroughly, but it seemed like it was using socket connections.. –  SatheeshJM Jan 8 '13 at 9:08
The source of the second one really contains an async workaround, thanks. I'll try to compile something more o less working using that. –  ZAN Jan 8 '13 at 12:10

Based on links posted by Mud and SatheeshJM, I finally made a messaging class which might be helpful for somebody

-- Messaging prototype
Messaging = {sock = nil, sockTimer = nil}

-- Messaging constructor
function Messaging:new (o)
   o = o or {}
   setmetatable(o, self)
   self.__index = self
   return o

function Messaging:connect()
   self.sock = socket.tcp()
   print( self.sock:connect(HOST, PORT) )
   self.sockTimer = timer.performWithDelay(50, function() self:checkData() end, 0)

function Messaging:close()

function Messaging:checkData()
   local data, status, rest = self.sock:receive()
   local s
   if data then
      s = data
      s = rest
   if s:len() ~= 0 then
      print ('received', s)

Important notes:

  1. self.sock:settimeout(0) required to make socket non-blocking
  2. local data, status, rest = self.sock:receive() <- In most cased data will be in "rest" variable when "timeout" error appeared, that is why we need a check below to learn how exactly the data transfered
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