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I want to know how can i detect when i touch 2 sprites simoultaneously in cocos2d. Im creating a game similar to fruit ninja and i want to add some bonus points when i smash two sprites simultaneously with my blade. I have tried something like that but it doesn't work:

(void)ccTouchesEnded:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event

    //Add a new body/atlas sprite at the touched location
    for( UITouch *touch in touches ) {
        CGPoint location = [touch locationInView: [touch view]];

        location = [[CCDirector sharedDirector] convertToGL: location];

        //[self addNewSpriteAtPosition: location];
        [_blade dim:YES];
        [_bladeSparkle stopSystem];

        for (b2Body* b = world->GetBodyList(); b; b = b->GetNext())

            if (b->GetUserData() != NULL) {
                PolygonSprite *sprite = (PolygonSprite*)b->GetUserData();
                NSLog(@"sprite entered, exited %d, %d",sprite.sliceEntered,sprite.sliceExited);
                if(sprite.type == kTypeTrapPrice && CGRectContainsPoint(sprite.boundingBox, location))

     // NSLog(@"NO TOUCH %i",noTouch);
    [self clearSlices];
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What actually happens? Why doesn't it work? –  Ben Trengrove Jan 8 '13 at 0:26

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Have you seen the following tutorial?


Plus there are lots of other great ones there.

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