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html_safe and still escaped html

I have the following reply helper:

def mb_reply_login post
  if current_user
    "<button data-depth='" + post.depth.to_s + "' data-post-id='" + + "'  class='mb_btn mb_reply btn'>reply</button>".html_safe

and call it from within views like so:

<%=mb_reply_login post %>

However, it's return escaped html and am confused as to why? It seems like it shouldn't according to Don't escape html in ruby on rails and the rails api.

How would I return unenscaped html? I tried

"<button data-depth='" + post.depth.to_s.html_safe + "' data-post-id='" + + "'  class='mb_btn mb_reply btn'>reply</button>".html_safe

but no dice

thx in advance

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Try this: "<button data-depth='#{post.depth}' data-post-id='#{}' class='mb_btn mb_reply btn'>reply</button>".html_safe – MrYoshiji Jan 7 '13 at 20:44
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When you concatenate strings in Ruby on Rails, every single String that hasn't been marked as html_safe is first escaped before concatentating.

Using your second snippet, make sure to call .html_safe on every string (including the constants such as:

"<button data-depth='"

Better yet, you can use interpolation, such as:

"<button data-depth='#{post.depth.to_s.html_safe}' 
 class='mb_btn mb_reply btn'>reply</button>".html_safe
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thx, looks like its working – timpone Jan 7 '13 at 21:00
glad I could help! – wless1 Jan 7 '13 at 21:01

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