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I am using PowerMock to try and mock a final class with static methods, but whenever my code calls MyClass.getInstance() it returns null

In my tests I have annotated the test class


In my method to make the mock I do the following

mockClass = PowerMock.createMock(MyClass.class);

Should PowerMock.createMock create an EasyMock class?

When I call this in my code (MyClass.getInstance()), it always returns null but if I step through the test class the variable mockClass gets instantiated.

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It seems like you using the EasyMock way of mocking. Have you replayed the MyClass before calling the getInstance() method, e.g.



From the PowerMock MockStatic documentation:

Use PowerMock.mockStatic(ClassThatContainsStaticMethod.class) to mock all methods of this class. Use PowerMock.replay(ClassThatContainsStaticMethod.class) to change the class to replay mode. Use PowerMock.verify(ClassThatContainsStaticMethod.class) to change the class to verify mode.

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This was indeed the problem I was replaying mockClass instead of MyClass.class –  Alex Edwards Jan 8 '13 at 16:36

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