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I am using ServiceStack.OrmLite with the SQL Server provider.

Given the code fragment below:

  1. Is there a best practice for retrieving SQL Server exceptions?

  2. What is the best way to know if a record is in the result of the db.Single call ? It seems I get an exception when db.Single is called with an invalid message ID (ie. a message ID that is not in the data set). The call returns without exceptions if messages IDs exist in the database. Is there a way to do this without the try catch block?

Exception if call is made without try/catch block:

ArgumentNullException Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: ENSMessageEntry: 'ID = 25' does not exist

And here is my code:

public ENSStatusResponse GetMessageStatus(int messageID)
    var statusResponse = new ENSStatusResponse();

    using (var db = DBConnectionFactory.OpenDbConnection())
            ENSMessageEntry mes = db.Single<ENSMessageEntry>("ID = " + messageID);
            statusResponse.ENSMessageStatus = mes.Id;
            statusResponse.ENSMessageStatus = 0;

    return statusResponse;
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  1. I don't think this query would generate a SQL Server exception, the exception is coming from .Single which is assuming there will be result and throwing if there is not.

  2. Use Db.GetByIdOrDefault<ENSMessageEntry>(messageID) and check for null

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Thanks very much for your response. I realize your point for number one - just wondering if there is a plan to get SQLExceptions through the ORMlite stack. As for #2... that's what I was looking for, Thanks – overclocker Jan 7 '13 at 22:35

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