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As a web designer should i learn 3d programs too over development skills? curious to see what people say.

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Looking at most web sites today, I'd suggest the world needs more great web designers rather then web designers that also happen to also know 3D and development skills.

So, read books from Steve Krug, Alan Cooper, Don Norman (and others) on good design and look at as many good/bad web sites as possible and think about what actually makes them good or bad.

Aim at becoming the best web designer you can be, rather then becoming a generalist who can do many things but none brilliantly.

In my opinion this will enhance your employability rather then reducing it because there are a million bad web-sites for every one intuitive, easy to use, web-site out there. If you become a great web designer you will always be in demand.

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  1. You should learn anything that interests you, and some things that don't.

  2. There is nothing inherently 3D about the web right now, unless you want to simulate 3D with buttons and controls, but that's mostly just simple tricks and an eye for design.

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As Andrew Hunt and David Thomas say on "Pragmatic Programmer"

Diversification is the key to long-term success.

That is, you never know what your clients will ask you. There can be someone who ask you to put some fancy 3D applet on your site and you should be ready to do that.

In por words, the more you learn, the better, and the more clients you are able to catch.

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