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I want to list all the Workspaces windows in a in a Pharo window. When I shift click a Workspace window the item selected is usually a PluggableTextMorph or a TextMorphForEditView. When it is a PluggableTextMorph it owns a TextMorphforEditView which was not picked by the click.

Inspecting or exploring the hierarchy shows that is owned by a SystemWindow of a Model Workspace further up the hierachy.

What code do I need to first of all list all TextMorphforEditView(s) in the system and lookup the ownership hierarchy to determine whether the model of the SystemWindow is a Workspace or a Transcript?

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To get all Workspaces you can simply explore or inspect:

Workspace allInstances

If you are interested in all windows containing Workspaces, you can explore or inspect:

| listOfWindows |

listOfWindows := Workspace allInstances collect: 
    [:eachWorkspace | eachWorkspace containingWindow]
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