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Im trying to create an application that will show in a table 3 floors and in the detailTextLabel show how many computers are available in those floors. For now I dont have the realtime data but I want to just keep some fake fixed data for now and be able to plug in the real data later.

I thought I would create an array, FloorList and FloorListAvailable. Floor list would contain "First Floor" "Second Floor" "Third Floor" and FloorListAvailable would show a number of how many computers are available.

Im currently unsure on how to go about this, it sounds easy enough to do but I cant wrap my head around it. I thought about using NSDictionary. I have used the .plist but can that be changed to by dynamic when I get the real time data?

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One possible approach:

  1. generate the realtime data by a script (e.g.); JSON would be a good format
  2. let your app download the data files with a suitable frequency
  3. parse the JSON (see: NSJSONSerialization into own objects; e.g. arrays
  4. use these arrays as the data sources for your table views
  5. whenever you get new data, send reloadData to your table views
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