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The mouseover event is processed to determine if an MQA.Poi should be displayed in the callback for the mouseover on the overlay on my map's viewport. I'm hoping to reuse a single MQA.Poi instead of re/instantiating one every time that it should be displayed.

I am basically looking to update the lat, lng of the marker with an API method similar to self.poi.setInfoContentHTML(contentHTML) for or setValue for MQA.Poi or any of its parents classes. I suppose it would be called something like setLatlng, but I find no such reference in the documentation.

Are there any mapquest api methods that you have used to set or update a MQA.Poi coordinate?

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FYI, the MQA.POI docs for the MapQuest JS SDK is located at developer.mapquest.com/web/documentation/sdk/javascript/v7.0/… – Alan David Garcia Jan 8 '13 at 15:42

I was able to change a poi's lat/lng on click using the following code:

MQA.EventManager.addListener(poi, 'click', function(evt){

Found it by setting a breakpoint in the event function in Chrome and typing this. in the console to list available methods.

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