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I'm using mule cxf client to consume web services. How can I change default configuration of the mule cxf client? What I need is to change "Keep-Alive header". Other option is to change http protocol version to set it to 1.0, if that is posible? Thank you.

<cxf:jaxws-client operation="updateParcelDetails"
                  wsdlLocation="classpath:wsdl/TrackingV10.wsdl" />      
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This is controlled by the HTTP transport, not the CXF module.

The HTTP transport doc says:

Attributes of <outbound-endpoint...>

keep-alive | boolean | Controls if the socket connection is kept alive. If set to true, a keep-alive header with the connection timeout specified in the connector will be returned. If set to false, a "Connection: close" header will be returned.

Have you tried it?

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Hi, thanks. I have added keep-alive="false" to <http:endpoint>. We are testing it now. –  Aleksandar B Jan 8 '13 at 20:16

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