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I am building a small file upload service using the Sinatra framework with Padrino. I am pretty new to the whole world of html, php, rails style development, all of it. When using just a file_field_tag, I can generate a generic html file field tag, but as my bible w3school says, the tag merely generates a link to the file, and I need to make a ASP, PHP file to handle the actual upload of the file.

So what's going on here? Do I need to create my own php action command that lives outside of my framework? That seems like the wrong solution. I would rather have padrino handle the actual upload of files. When I did bite the bullet, I wrote a tiny php script, but my padrino form filler treats "myaction.php" as a post page, when I just wanna run my php script.

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No, there's no PHP involved here. There's no reason that Sinatra can't handle a file upload. Also, you should stop paying attention to anything w3schools tells you, they're horrible. Use instead. – Charles Jan 8 '13 at 2:31
possible duplicate of – ch4nd4n Jan 16 '13 at 11:37

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