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I'm actually creating research with different filters.

As I'm using the JpaRepository to make simple queries, I found the JpaSpecificationExecutor to make dynamic queries with the Criterias.

My problem is I need to create a complex query with a group by and a count(). It's ok for the group by but I don't find how I can overide the "select" part to put a "count" instruction.

Does anybody can help me please ?

I'm using spring 3.1.2 and spring-jpa-data 1.0.3 Here is my code :

return new Specification< Article >() {

    public Predicate toPredicate(final Root<Article> root,
        final CriteriaQuery<?> query, final CriteriaBuilder builder) {
        //count ???
        Predicate p = builder.and(builder.like(root.<String> get(Article_.title), "%" + title + "%"));

        return p;

Thanks !

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Unfortunately you cannot do this with spring-data Specification.

You can see why and how to do it while still using spring-data here(there is a simple query returning just one field): spring-data specifications - return list of ids instead of objects

To get a list of fields you can use JPA Tuple. You can find an example here: JPA & Criteria API - Select only specific columns

Short version: You need to create a custom spring-data repository which will use CriteriaQuery<Tuple>.

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Thanks for your help. I choosed to make two request. One to get all my id's with the Specification. The second (the count) with a simple query which match my ids. –  user1838850 Jan 9 '13 at 20:11

if you look at the Spring Data's org.springframework.data.jpa.repository.support.SimpleJpaRepository there is a method called getCountQuery(..). this query looks like the following;

 * Creates a new count query for the given {@link Specification}.
 * @param spec can be {@literal null}.
 * @return
private TypedQuery<Long> getCountQuery(Specification<T> spec) {

    CriteriaBuilder builder = em.getCriteriaBuilder();
    CriteriaQuery<Long> query = builder.createQuery(Long.class);

    Root<T> root = applySpecificationToCriteria(spec, query);

    return em.createQuery(query);

this is used the in the Pageable component of Spring Data JPA and may provide a solution

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Hello,thanks for your answer, but this method only make a simple count. How can I make a querylike "select a.value,count(a.id) from A group by a.value" ? –  user1838850 Jan 8 '13 at 22:31
Spring Data JPA, as rchukh mentions, can do complete custom queries. if you've got the SQL statement already, you can have the entity manager execute it as a NativeQuery and then map the results back to an object yourself –  incomplete-co.de Jan 9 '13 at 12:40

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