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I am very new to SQL, i want either integrate the SQL to my c++ code or use c++ out-put file as input variable for SQL.

for example i have a query:

use data_set1;
select a.cluster, b.pig, b.PDBgi, b.PDBaccession, a.Seqstar, a.Seqstp
from data_set1..clusterPDBpig a 
join pig2PDBgi_acc b
ON a.pig = b.pig where b.PDBaccession = '& 2Y69S'

in which the b.PDBaccession is a 500-1000 list of data i could put them in a vector in c++ code or a output i intergrate SQL query here.


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Look up SQL Table Value Parameters.

You can create a user-defined table type parameter like:

CREATE TYPE [dbo].[AccessionData] AS TABLE(
    [ValueToUse] [varchar](100) NOT NULL
    [ValueToUse] ASC

Then in your SQL code do something like:

SELECT a.cluster, b.pig, b.PDBgi, b.PDBaccession, a.Seqstar, a.Seqstp
from clusterPDBpig a
    INNER JOIN pig2PDBgi_acc b on (a.pig = b.pig)
    INNER JOIN @InputData I on (I.PDBaccession = b.PDBaccession)

Where @InputData is of type AccessionData

The following links provide a bit of information:

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very useful links! Thanks a lot! – user1830108 Jan 7 '13 at 22:40

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