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I am using GIT to deploy my cakephp applications, a few days ago I started using the migrations plugin (by cakeDC) in my app to simplify database versions and changes.

After installing the Migrations Plugin on my local development machine, I committed the changes and pushed it to my production server, and tried to run the migrations plugin from there. After looking at the server for quite some time I realized it had not grabbed all of the migrations plugin, however the following were changed:

app/Config/bootstrap.php had the following line appended CakePlugin::load('Migrations');

The Plugin folder now had a Migrations folder, but it was empty.

I resolved this by uploading the plugin via FTP. I ran a git status on it and it shows the working directory clean...

Why isnt GIT tracking my Migrations plugin folder contents?

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Post the contents of .gitignore –  Chris Herbert Jan 7 '13 at 22:23
.clpprj log/ tmp/* git/* .git web/app/tmp/logs/* web/app/tmp/sessions/* web/app/tmp/tests/* web/app/tmp/cache/models/* web/app/tmp/cache/persistent/* web/app/tmp/cache/views/* !empty web/stats/* web/error/* favicon.ico cgi-bin/* ssl/* –  CertifiedGeek Jan 8 '13 at 2:45
Answer: The Plugin folder is not being tracked because it was installed as a submodule. the very first instructions I found for installing the Plugin included making it a git submodule (which at the time I didn't know what that was...) I have determined that it was installed this way via this thread: Unable to track files within Git submodules @Chris Herbert Thanks the response I used this thread for the removal: How do I remove a git submodule? and I hope this helps someone in the future as I had a heck of a time with it. Next time I'm going read about a command before using it. Thanks! –  CertifiedGeek Jan 8 '13 at 3:39
It's not necessarily a bad idea to track the plugin as a submodule, but you will need be aware of it (ie, use "git clone --recursive", etc). –  Chris Herbert Jan 8 '13 at 15:33
I always track my plugins as submodules. (With the new composer support coming this won't be necessary, but it's a great solution now.) –  jeremyharris Jan 8 '13 at 16:02

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The Plugin folder is not being tracked because GIT thought it was a submodule.

I ran into this issue because I used GIT to clone this Plugin into the plugin directory. and git didnt add it since it was a repository in itself. When GIT didnt add it to my tracked files I did it manually: git add app/Plugin/Migrations/ this created a gitlink and essentially acted like a submodule, as seen in this thread:

Git - how to track untracked content?

Since at the time I didnt want to use the plugin as a submodule, I corrected this issue with the following commands:

git rm --cached app/Plugin/Migrations

with a git status I could see that GIT was now recognizing my Plugin

I then could proceed with a git add . and git commit -m "finally adding the plugin"

I hope this helps someone in the future.


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