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Is there anyway to change the Ruby version that Rubinius (rbx) uses by default without having to specify the option each time by a flag?:

rbx -X19
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There are 3 ways that you can do this (in ascending order of annoyance).

  1. Set an environment variable in directory that you will be calling rbx (like the rails root):

    export RBXOPT=-X19

    Note: this will have to be set again if calling rbx from another project.

  2. Reinstall Rubinius using rvm specifying the default Ruby version as documented on

    rvm reinstall rbx --1.9

    Note: if rvm complains about bad arguments upgrade it using rvm get master or rvm get stable

  3. Reinstall Rubinius from source specifying which version to use by default as documented on the Rubinius Blog:

    ./configure --default-version=1.9

Once you've done this you can check the ruby version Rubinius is using via rbx -v (the ruby version is in parenthesis)

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