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I have this jQuery, and I would like to search for a string and replace it. I know with php I can use $0, $1, $2 etc. to get the matches.

This is how I would do this via php $0 in this example would be replaced with the found plater and keep it's upper/lower casing:

preg_replace("/plater/i", "<span class='plater'>$0</span>", $input);

How can I do this in javascript? When I try $0 it actually outputs $0 to the browser, and not what was found. Here is what I currently have:

    var html = $("body").html();
    $("body").html(html.replace(/plater/ig, "<span class='plater'>$0</span>"));
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Capture it with parenthesis and use $1 to refer to the "first" capture group.

html.replace(/(plater)/ig, "<span class='plater'>$1</span>")

Guide to regex in several languages:

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Perfect thanks works perfect! – Get Off My Lawn Jan 7 '13 at 22:59

Since you're just searching for "plater" you could save yourself the trouble and just write the word plater in the string, but $& can be used to reference the entire match.

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This won't match casing though will it? – Get Off My Lawn Jan 7 '13 at 23:00
@RyanNaddy $& should, but if you write out plater it won't. – Explosion Pills Jan 7 '13 at 23:10

To replace a string:

html.replace(/(plater)/ig, '<span class="plater">$1</span>');

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