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I have the following string:


and I want to turn this into java GSON JsonObject array/list in order to invoke something like:


What is the shortest path to achieve this? I tried setting up a bean like this:

public static class Filter {
    private String type;
    private String value;
    private String field;

    //getters, setters and ctor

but I cannot find a way to deserialize the string above into an array/list of this bean using JsonParser or Gson. In particular I tried

Gson gson = new Gson();
gson.fromJson(json_string, Filter[].class);

(where json_string is the string above) but this gives me a

IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_ARRAY but was STRING

Thank you for your help!

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Have you tried a list: gson.fromJson(json_string, new TypeToken<List<Filter>>(){}.getType())? –  Ian Roberts Jan 7 '13 at 23:29
That gives the same ex: IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_ARRAY but was STRING... –  matteo rulli Jan 8 '13 at 7:14
Ok, I'm a silly guy: it was an escaping problem... Doing json_string.replace("\\","").replace("\"[", "[").replace("]\"","]"); solved the problem... Thanks! –  matteo rulli Jan 8 '13 at 8:23

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Here is one way of doing it:

final String json = "[{\"type\":\"string\",\"value\":\"value1\",\"field\":\"label\"},{\"type\":\"string\",\"value\":\"value2\",\"field\":\"address_unique\"}]";
final JsonParser parser = new JsonParser();
final JsonElement rootElement = parser.parse(json);
final JsonArray values = rootElement.getAsJsonArray();
for (final JsonElement value : values) {
    final JsonObject obj = value.getAsJsonObject();
    final Filter filter = new Filter();

And here is a more automated way:

final String json = "[{\"type\":\"string\",\"value\":\"value1\",\"field\":\"label\"},{\"type\":\"string\",\"value\":\"value2\",\"field\":\"address_unique\"}]";
final TypeToken<List<Filter>> token = new TypeToken<List<Filter>>() {
final Gson gson = new Gson();
final List<Filter> values = gson.fromJson(json, token.getType());
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Well, while reading your answer I realized I have a couple of " I should get rid of. In particular json_string.replace("\\","").replace("\"[", "[").replace("]\"","]");. With that your answer works great! Thanks... –  matteo rulli Jan 8 '13 at 8:21

What have you tried with parse? What you have there is a string, you need two steps

  1. parse the string into a JsonArray
  2. Convert the JsonArray to the java object with fromJson
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This looks strange, your code should work... Anyway you could also try Genson library, it has similar features to Gson plus some others and better performances.

Here is how to achieve it with Genson:

Genson genson = new Genson();
Filter[] filters = genson.deserialize(json, Filter[].class);

// or if you need a list
List<Filter> filters = genson.deserialize(json, new GenericType<List<Filter>>(){});
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it can be first parsed into an array, then converted to a list.

final Gson gson = new Gson();
final Filter[] values = gson.fromJson(json, Filter[].class);
ArrayList< Filter > filterList = new ArrayList< Filter >(Arrays.asList(values));
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