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I am trying to program an alpha sign - 215r - using the alphasign python api [Alphasign] ( I downloaded python 2.7, pyusb, pyserial, and libusb. I got the vid and pid of the sign using libusb and added that to the file. However, when I ran the example python code [here] (, I still got an error that said it could not find device with vid and pid of 8765:1234 (the example numbers). Now, when I open the file (the code is copied and pasted from the link above) it crashes IDLE (totally shuts down). ...when I run the file from bash, it says core dump. suggestions please!!

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I had a similar problem on a Mac (mtn lion): When I ran the sample app, I got a segment fault 11. It was crashing in the alphasign library from the sign.connect() call.

Changed it to sign.connect(reset=False), and it worked fine.

FYI: The segment fault occurs in the low-level USB driver, libusb, not in python code.

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