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All, I'm working on an application that uses geolocation services provided by phonegap (using latest version 2.2.0. I'm testing this for now only on IOS (ultimately I wanted to work at least on Android as well). On IOS when application in foreground all works fine. When the application goes to background however the geocoding stops working and I don't get the change position event anymore. I do have the required "App registers for location updates" under Required background modes section of my app-info plist and I've done ISO coding using this flag and my application reports the location change even when app is in background so I was wondering why this is not working on phonegap.

I'm not doing any fancy work. My code is simply a copy of what cordova code is for watchPosition.

Any pointers or help would be appreciated.


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The problem is that JavaScript in PhoneGap does not run when the app is in the background. To provide background process capability you'll need to create a plugin to manage the background process.

I know of an already existing plugin to do this for Android but not one for iOS.

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The PowerManagement plugin exists for both Android and iOS but needs updating for the latest version of phonegap. This will allow you to acquire a full wakelock and keep the screen on but can easily be extended to support a partial wakelock (keep CPU running phonegap app in background when screen is off) – DaveAlden Jan 11 '13 at 15:35

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