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I'm creating a model class, let's say it's called "History" that will interact with a SQLite Database.

Do we always have to manually create getters/setters/fields for the model class? Aren't there any auto-generators for this?

Example of a model class:

package com.example.fileexplorermanager;

public class History {

    //private variables
    int _id;
    String _file_name;
    String _full_path;
    String _file_type;

    // Empty constructor
    public History(){

    // constructor
    public History(int id, String _name, String _full_path, String _file_type){
        this._id = id;
        this._file_name = _name;
        this._full_path = _full_path;
        this._file_type = _file_type;


    // getting ID
    public int getID(){
        return this._id;

    // setting id
    public void setID(int id){
        this._id = id;

    public String getFileName(){
        return this._file_name;

    public void setFileName(String file_name){
        this._file_name = file_name;

    public String getFullPath(){
        return this._full_path;

    public void setFullPath(String full_path){
        this._full_path = full_path;

    public String getFileType(){
        return this._file_type;

    public void setFileType(String file_type){
        this._file_type = file_type;

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If you use Eclipse: Source -> Generate Getters and Setters...

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If you are on Eclipse right click on source file -> Source -> Generate Getters and Setters... enter image description here

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I'm going to accept Cseh's answer because he has a lower rep. But thank you. –  Tool Jan 8 '13 at 0:33

There is nothing provided by Android, but there are third-party libraries like ORMLite.

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