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I have a folder with many files, the name of some files are like file_1 file_10 file_21 file_345 others are like file_fr file_de file_cn I want to move the first type of files into another folder like

mv file_* another_folder

but file_* will match all files

are there any good scripts? thanks

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Try this

mv file_[0-9]* another_folder

In response to glenn jackman’s comment

ls | grep 'file_[0-9]*$' | xargs mv -t another_folder
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This pattern means a digit followed by zero or more of any character. If the OP's files are as strictly separated as he says, this is file. If there's a file_1foo, it will be moved. The OP has to decide if this is a problem. – glenn jackman Jan 8 '13 at 5:41


shopt -s extglob
mv file_+([0-9]) ..

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