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XYplorer is a tabbed file manager for Windows. In the script menu how do I compared two strings I couldn't find information from xplorer help? was wondering if anyone knows the commands.

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information taken from that xplorer help which can be accessed by pressing F1.


Compares two strings.


compare(string1, string2, [method=b])


b: [default] binary, bytes: strings are compared alphabetically

i: same as b, but case-insensitive: A=a

n: numeric: strings are converted to numbers (fractions use dot) and then compared numerically

v: version: compares file versions of formats like #.## or #.##.#### or #.##.##.##

d: date: compares dates, optionally including times; both string1 and string2 default to the current date/time. Valid date syntax depends on your locale.


-1 if string1 < string2

0 if string1 == string2

1 if string1 > string2


echo compare("a", "b"); // -1

echo compare("a", "A"); // 1 (a is sorted after A)

echo compare("a", "A", "i"); // 0

echo compare("2", "12", "b"); // 1

echo compare("2", "12", "n"); // -1

echo compare("10.20.0025", "7.60.0026", "b"); // -1

echo compare("10.20.0025", "7.60.0026", "v"); // 1

echo compare("24.08.2012", "25.08.2012", "d"); //-1

echo compare("24.08.2012", "24.08.2012", "d"); //0

echo compare("25.08.2012", "24.08.2012", "d"); //1

echo compare("24.08.2012 08:43:01", "24.08.2012 08:43:02", "d"); //-1

echo compare("24.08.2012 08:43:02", "24.08.2012 08:43:01", "d");

Find the latest version and information here. The site is updated frequently.


User Forum

XYplorer User Forum:


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