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I am getting confused now and would be happy if someone could assist me here i want the selected values from table1 to be displayed with the values of table2 but instead of only getting 3 records out for sql2 the output for table2 gives me the same 3 records.

If I enter both queries in sql analyzer it works fine. Goal is to get the output of sql1 and sql1 using classic asp in 3 lines, one loop:

line1 rs("firstname") & space(1) & rs("boss")
line2 rs("firstname") & space(1) & rs("boss")
line3 rs("firstname") & space(1) & rs("boss")

procedure: I first have to do a query (sql1) after that (sql2) which is depended on the outcome of sql1

id| |user| |firstname| |lastname| |acc|
1    user1   firstname1  lastname1 loc1
2    user2   firstname2  lastname2 loc2
3    user3   firstname3  lastname3 loc3
4    user4   firstname4  lastname4 loc1
5    user5   firstname5  lastname5 loc1

id| |boss| |first_name| |username|
1     boss1  boss1email   user1 
2     boss2  boss2email   user2 
2     boss3  boss3email   user3
2     boss4  boss4email   user4
2     boss5  boss5email   user5

sql="select * from table1 where acc='loc1'"
Set rs=dbcon.Execute(sql)
do until rs.EOF
Response.Write rs("firstname")

Set rs1 = server.CreateObject ("adodb.recordset")
sql2="Select * from table2 where username='user1'"
set rs1=dbcon.execute(sql2)
do until rs1.eof

response.write rs1("boss")


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I would expect 5 records given your data. How many do you get? –  Sebastian Meine Jan 8 '13 at 2:53
thx for your comment but I wrote wrong. I meant for table2 i get the same 3 records . –  hhead Jan 8 '13 at 3:40

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why not:

SELECT t1.firstname, t2.boss FROM table1 t1
JOIN table2 t2 on t1.user = t2.username
WHERE t1.acc ="loc1"
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I understand what that means but I would like to know how I could modify my currrent code and achieve it in classic asp. The goal is not too get the same records instead of 3 different rows for the output of table2. –  hhead Jan 8 '13 at 3:42
first, I am not versed in asp Classic, i use the .net family. Could you do something like this: sql="SELECT WITH JOIN HERE" Set rs=dbcon.Execute(sql) do until rs.EOF Response.Write rs("firstname") & ("boss")" –  jkmurphy1 Jan 8 '13 at 4:33
ok thank you for your feedback . I have resolved it by using the view functionality in sql –  hhead Jan 8 '13 at 4:44

I have used the view function and saved it and use asp to call it.

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If this is an answer that solved your problem please make it more clear otherwise if it's just additional details please add this to your existing question and delete this answer. –  Shadow Wizard Jan 8 '13 at 10:44

it seems that in your code you need to replace in this line

sql2="Select * from table2 where username='user1'"

the 'user1' with som kind of reference to rs("username"). With the code you have you would get the same record from table2 for each record of table1.

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