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I am working in branch Feature and another developer has finished merging his branch Feature2 with Default. I would like to simply pull one of the files from the now default branch to my branch, before merging my feature (as it is not complete yet).

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Thanks for the formatting changes. – Tomas Pajonk Sep 14 '09 at 10:38
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Mercurial works in changesets, not files, so you can't use traditional pull/push to do this.

You can use:

hg cat -r Feature2 path/to/thefile > path/to/thefile

to get a copy of the modified file. Or use:

hg revert -r Feature2 path/to/thefile

which does the same thing. You could also 'export' and 'import' using -I to include only that file, but there's no benefit in creating a new single-file changeset.

When later you merge into Default the identical files will merge cleanly.

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graft (Hg v2.0.2) allows you selectively copy changes from other branches onto the current branch.

hg graft [OPTION]... REVISION...

This command uses Mercurial's merge logic to copy individual changes from
other branches without merging branches in the history graph. This is
sometimes known as 'backporting' or 'cherry-picking'. By default, graft
will copy user, date, and description from the source changesets.
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