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Suppose we are reading a file formatted so that each line contains two floats, the first float takes up the first 7 characters of the line, and the second float takes up the next 7 characters of the line. For example:

333.333 44.444

Given this sample code

float a, b;
sscanf("  1.111222.222", "%7f%7f", &a, &b);
printf("%f %f\n", a, b);

The following is output:

1.111220 2.222000

The 7 characters do not start counting towards the first float, until the whitespace is skipped over. Is there a way to parse these floats and include the whitespace as part of the float length?

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The best I could come up with is to read the floats in as strings, %7[^\n] and then parse that input as a float.

float a, b;
char a_buff[7 + 1];
char b_buff[7 + 1];
sscanf("  1.111222.222", "%7[^\n]%7[^\n]", a_buff, b_buff);
sscanf(a_buff, "%f", &a);
sscanf(b_buff, "%f", &b);
printf("%f %f\n", a, b);
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