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Hi so im playing with dojo and I looked at popup documentation and I don't understand all of it. So i Have a onClick event that I would like to use to open the popup.

else if (e.cell.identifier == 'calendar'){
    alert("I am an alert box!");

So here is a part of my conditional statement and in my else if statement I want it to run my popup when I click on the cell. Is it possible and if so how would I do that.

P.S. I have already required dijit/popup.

The alert box is there to test if my else statement is work (which it is).

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Essentially you need to create the widget you want to popup and then you need open your popup. NOTE: You must attach the popup to an element

else if (e.cell.identifier == 'calendar')
     var calendar = new dijit.Calendar({
                                            value: new Date()

            popup: calendar,
            around: dojo.byId("a div's id")
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