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I will be developing an application more or less like an GUI similar to outlook

My question is when you open a outlook it seems to be a one form only. So they handle it.

Are they user controls drag and dropped on only one form or something else.


enter image description here

And how can i create a menu- this panel for my application and how it will work on XP?

Any help is appreciated.

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If you will be developing an Application, what have you tried thus far..? –  DJ KRAZE Jan 8 '13 at 5:10
@DJKRAZE In the past i had developed less than 10 application. On all application i simply create normal forms but this time i am wandering how the application like outlook- single form is created and i am asking for advice/links etc and not code to know what they are single form etc... –  Moons Jan 8 '13 at 5:20

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As for exactly how Microsoft lays out Outlook, I'm not even going to guess. But for the controls that you are showing in your example, these would be done in a "Ribbon Control". You should take a look at these examples Example of ribbon control and here is Another example of ribbon control

Check them out. I think you'll find that it a good starting point.

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