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I am trying to build a dynamic dropdown in ruby on rhodes.There are basically two dropdowns on my screen and i am using ajax to get the values of the second dropdown from the database depending on the value selected in the first dropdown..I am a newbie to ruby and do not know the syntax on how to use ajax in ruby on rhodes..

JavaScript Code I am using...

 { value:a }, 


-----Partial Controller Code

enter code here

def dropdown

 @a = @params['value']
  puts @a
 if @a.eql?"Auto"

I can get any parameter sent via ajax call to controller..My Question is how to send back the data from controller to function in that ajax call so that i can use that information to create a dynamic dropdown..I want to send this mystring to function(data)??

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This article helps me to do similar task. It contains nice architecture of AJAX'ing you application.

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