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I tried to implement Create Account API of paypal with the following sample parameters:


To make it clearer, parameters when put in array has the following values:

   $parameters = array(
      'accountType'                                        => 'Premier',
      'addressType.line1'                                  => 'Real St',
      ''                                   => 'San Jose',
      'addressType.postalCode'                             => '92274',
      'addressType.countryCode'                            => 'US',
      'addressType.state'                                  => 'California',
      'citizenshipCountryCode'                             => 'US',
      'contactPhoneNumber'                                 => '123-456-1234',
      'homePhoneNumber'                                    => '123-456-1234',
      'mobilePhoneNumber'                                  => '123-456-1234',
      'currencyCode'                                       => 'USD',
      'dateOfBirth'                                        => '1970-01-01Z',
      'emailAddress'                                       => '',
      'nameType.salutation'                                => 'Miss',
      'nameType.firstName'                                 => 'Malou',
      'nameType.lastName'                                  => 'Perez',
      'nameType.suffix'                                    => 'Sr',
      'preferredLanguageCode'                              => 'en_US',
      'registrationType'                                   => 'Web',
      'requestEnvelope.errorLanguage'                      => 'en_US',
      'requestEnvelope.detailLevel'                        => 'ReturnAll',
      'suppressWelcomeEmail'                               => true,
      'createAccountWebOptionsType.useMiniBrowser'         => false,
      'createAccountWebOptionsType.returnUrl'              => '',
      'createAccountWebOptionsType.reminderEmailFrequency' => 'NONE',
      'createAccountWebOptionsType.confirmEmail'           => false

here is the response of AdaptiveAccounts/CreateAccount api (converted to array):

array(18) {
      string(29) "2013-01-07T21:33:01.984-08:00"
      string(7) "Failure"
      string(13) "ae7c9d245cabf"
      string(7) "4055066"
      string(6) "580029"
      string(8) "PLATFORM"
      string(11) "Application"
      string(5) "Error"
      string(11) "Application"
      string(40) "Missing required request parameter: name"
      string(4) "name"
      string(6) "580029"
      string(8) "PLATFORM"
      string(11) "Application"
      string(5) "Error"
      string(11) "Application"
      string(43) "Missing required request parameter: address"
      string(7) "address"

Please enlighten me why it says "Missing required request parameter: address" and "Missing required request parameter: name".

I was thinking addressType.line1=Real+St&

refers to address



refers to name.

Thank you.

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Instead of nameType., use name.. Thus, we have

name.firstName, name.lastName, name.salutation and name.suffix

and I removed name.salutation because i do not have any idea on what the correct values for this field are.

For addressType., i replace it with adress. Moreover, address.state must have the state code and not the state name.

I also figured out that paypal returns 580022 Invalid request parameter for fields with incorrect format and values. We can not put dummy data for postalCode, city and state that are not existing.

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