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I'm getting an error on compile with the following code. I'm trying to call a Web Service.

def authenticate(username: String, password: String): String = {
    val request: Future[Response] = 
          .post( Map("username" -> Seq(username), "password" -> Seq(password) ) )            
      request map { response => 
      } recover {
        case t: TimeoutException => 
        case e =>


I'm seeing the following compiler error:

 type mismatch; found : scala.concurrent.Future[play.api.mvc.SimpleResult[String]] required: String
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The value being returned from your authenticate function is val request = ... which is of type Future[Response] but the function expects a String which as the compiler says is a type mismatch error. Changing the return type of the function to Future[Response] or converting request to a String before returning it should fix it.

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Like say Brian, you're currently returning a Future[String], when you method said that you want to return a String.

The request return a Future because it's an asynchronous call.

So, you have two alternatives:

  1. Change your method definition to return a Future[String], and manage this future in another method (with .map())

  2. Force the request to get this result immediately, in a synchronous way. It's not a very good deal, but sometimes it's the simplest solution.

    import scala.concurrent.Await
    import scala.concurrent.duration.Duration
    val response: String = Await.result(req, Duration.Inf)
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