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I am having a little MySQL issue. I wrote a python script that records click throughs and handles redirects. I have a table where for a given ip address, there are various columns including a column that contains a list of id's. If a user has never click on an image (the row will still exist), then the cell contains a empty list.

Note that the lists are serialized as strings using json before being updated in the table. I know that this is not always a good practice but for our application it seems to work.

So before a user has clicked on an image, the sql table can be queried:

    sql = """select clicked_id from `""" + DBTABLE2 + """`
            where ip='%s'"""%(ip_address,)     
    row = cur.fetchone()
    if row:
        ci = row['clicked_id']
        print ci, type(ci)

        print clicked_id, type(clicked_id)

The print statements return:

    []  <type 'str'>
    []  <type 'list'>

However, after you run the following python script (which run successfully) the output is completely different. Here is the python code:

#connecting to the mysql table
con = mysql.connect(host=DBHOST, user=DBUSERNAME, passwd=DBPASSWORD,
                db=DBDATABASE, cursorclass=DictCursor)
cur = con.cursor()

#save the click through
sql = """select clicked_id from `""" + DBTABLE2 + """`
                where ip='%s'"""%(ip_address,)     
row = cur.fetchone()
if row:
    clicked_id = row['clicked_id']

    #decoding the data
    clicked_id = json.loads(clicked_id)


#Updating the list
clicked_id = clicked_id.append(product_id)

#Encoding the data
clicked_id = json.dumps(clicked_id)

#Updating the mysql database
cur.execute("""update `"""+DBTABLE2+"""` set clicked_id='%s' where ip='%s'"""%(clicked_id,ip_address,))

#Getting the dst url
sql = """select url from `""" + DBTABLE + """`
                where id='%s'"""%(product_id,)
row = cur.fetchone()

if row:
    url = row['url']

Checking the table again, the print statements return:

 null  <type 'str'>
 None  <type 'NoneType'>

I have no idea why it is doing this... I GREATLY appreciate any help!

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Thanks for the heads up. I am kind of new so I didn't realize that I could/should accept answers. – jordanskis Jan 8 '13 at 6:26
Ha, no worries - I think a lot of people have that confusion. You're looking good now (and welcome to the community :) ). – RocketDonkey Jan 8 '13 at 6:35

There is an issue with the python script where it says:

    #Updating the list
    clicked_id = clicked_id.append(product_id)

This is incorrect and gives clicked_id a NoneType, which when loaded into MySQL is interpreted as a null value.

Simply update the code to:

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